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We work with mid- to large-sized organizations in all industries. As our consultants live and work around the globe, we are highly experienced in helping global firms and other communities reach their full potential, especially in the U.S., Germany and the rest of Europe.

Our projects consistently focus on building robust, sustainable leadership strategies and abilities. These initiatives can take one of several forms:

  • Executive coaching – working one-on-one with an executive to maximize leadership abilities in the context of his or her specific position and responsibilities
  • Leadership development – working with the leaders of an organization as a group to promote more effective personal performance as well as stronger teamwork and better execution of the organization’s strategy
  • System-wide initiatives – large scale transformation or alignment programs involving as many members of the organization as possible

Of course some of our projects combine activities in more than one of these areas. But a central theme of all of our work is helping our clients to create a “leaderful environment,” that is, one where every individual cultivates and applies leadership skills in his or her area of responsibility.

Executive Coaching

We apply a variety of proven models to help individual leaders assess their current abilities and improve performance. Our coaching work includes:

  • Developing the process for starting, sourcing and implementing executive coaching
  • Coaching senior executives and high-potential leaders to clarify and reach their goals in areas of learning, legacy and leadership
  • Developmental leadership coaching, and other research-based models

Leadership Development

Leadership is never an independent activity. Leadership is collaborative, adaptive and situational. We work with teams of leaders to build the cooperation, trust, coordination and learning necessary to achieve pressing organizational goals. Representative projects include:

  • Alignment of diverse parties and channels towards a shared direction, improved communication and collaborative action
  • Development of shared organizational identity, guiding principles and/or values
  • Integrating divergent cultures (national and/or corporate)
  • Building leadership capabilities at all levels; assessing, developing and monitoring leadership skills and competencies for senior executives and high performance leaders
  • Coaching teams of leaders towards higher degrees of collaboration, generative thinking and coordinated action
  • Facilitating team learning, collaboration and conflict management
  • Designing and leading executive and strategic leadership retreats
  • Workshop design, material development and facilitation of experiential learning in areas including:
  • Shared leadership and leadership in an ever changing world
  • Self-organizing systems theory and practice
  • Learning organization principles and practice

System-wide Initiatives

We often work with large organizations, or entire companies, to introduce or implement a desired transformation or alignment program. Such projects may include:

  • Design, implementation and monitoring of large scale organizational transformation efforts
  • Facilitating rapid, large scale change initiatives such as Open Space and FutureSearch events


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