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About Us

Our Approach Our Clients

Shared Learning International (SLI) is a consulting group of highly accomplished organizational development consultants, executive coaches and trainers. We help companies create the kind of internal leadership that directly enables organizational transformation and sustainable market leadership.

We don’t have the answers you seek. You do. Whether we help a newly merged international firm reconcile differing cultures or coach an executive in building a cohesive team, we act as facilitators. We do not impose our vision of what is right on your organization. Instead we provide the framework that allows the best solutions to come to the fore – solutions that reside in the collective experience and expertise of your personnel.

Shared Learning International is not a typical consulting firm. We don’t look at your organization as a machine that can simply be taken apart and reassembled in new ways. We see your organization as a living system where the whole is much more than the sum of the parts. Our approach to solving problems draws insight and inspiration from throughout the organization, and involves the whole organization as improvements are implemented.


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